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Our Hawaiian genetics were brought straight from the Islands which allows us to bring the Aloha Spirit to the Heart of Alaska to share with our patrons. These Strains descend from authentic Hawaiian landrace lineage that you can't' find anywhere but at Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Pakalolo grown plants live the majority of their lives in the same 4x4 bed using a method called no-till farming. No-till farming is exactly what it sounds like. The soil in the beds is treated like a living organism along with the plants themselves. There are earthworms, microbes, nematodes, beneficial bacteria and fungi living in the soil which is never replaced (or tilled).
These farming techniques create an ecosystem in each of the individual 4x4 beds. Millions of microbes break down crop residues and release nutrients back into the soil (notice the green grass cover). The no-till method makes for better organic matter and water retention which increases the cycling of nutrients and the amount of water that infiltrates the soil. This allows for each successive batch of plants to evolve into better looking, smelling and tasting flower with higher cannabinoid and terpene content.
Modern LED lighting has been advancing as quickly as cell phones since their introduction. LEDs now offer full spectrum lighting (no more purple grow rooms) with a far greater output, increased efficiency and a larger footprint. SPYDRx PLUS from Fluence Bioengineering help us to grow the best quality cannabis at Pakalolo Supply Company while minimizing heat and energy usage.
At Pakalolo Supply Company our cannabis is grown using all-natural farming methods. By all-natural we mean there are no synthetic additives or bottled nutrients involved in the cultivation process at any point. We strongly believe that providing a natural grow medium, as well as preparing and combining natural ingredients for nutrients, will result in the best looking, smelling and tasting marijuana possible. Did someone say terpenes!?
Research on cannabis over the past decade has shown that terpenes are the key to producing flower with strong aroma and amazing flavor. Studies show they are produced at a higher rate in cannabis grown naturally among other factors. Terpenes are pungent aromatic and flavorful oils secreted from the same cannabinoid glands that produce THC/CBD. However, we are now beginning to learn that terpenes like Myrcene offer much more than just aroma and flavor.